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Helix Energy Solution has developed the first ship-shaped, disconnectable floating production unit in the Gulf of Mexico. The production unit, Helix Producer I, was installed on the previously named Typhoon TLP located in the Green Canyon Block 237.

After initial conversion work, the Helix Producer I was transferred to Kiewit Offshore Services for the installation of the topside production unit.

Underwater Services was contracted by Kiewit Offshore in January through February 2009 in order to service the Helix Producer I. The dive team verified the clearance from the bottom of the moon pool to the natural bottom to assure the fitting of the QC/DC under the frame work.

On September 10, 2012 Underwater Services was called out to assist Keppel AmFELS in the salvaging of a submerged tugboat at the Chalico Material Dock in Port Isabel, TX.

Developed in 2002, the Tahiti Spar Platform is one of the largest platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Operated by Chevron, the spar has the capacity of producing 25,000 bld of oil, 70 MMscfd of gas and 120,000 bld of produced water.

Underwater Services, Inc. was hired by Gulf Marine Fabricators and Chevron from December 2007 through February 2008 to service the Spar. The dive team cleaned the fairleads, ROV contact points and strake pin sleeves using a Cavidyne water blaster. The divers completed the project by reattaching the mooring and messenger cables to the hull.

Bigfoot Platform

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is the operator of the Heidelberg Truss Spar. The spar is located in 1,620 meter water depth in the Gulf of Mexico and has the capacity to produce 80,000 bbls of oil and 2.3 MMcm of natural gas per day.

Underwater Services is currently assisting Kiewit Offshore Services with the ongoing preservation on the hull while it is dockside. The preservation project includes video surveys and cavitation blasting of marine growth.

Tahiti Spar Platform

MV Libra Salvage

Helix Producer I

Discovered and operated by Chevron in 2006, the Bigfoot platform is the deepest extended tension leg platform (ETLP) with a water depth of 1,580 meters. The platform includes 7 production wells, 3 injection wells and a production facility. It will have the capacity to process 75,000 bbls of oil and 25 MMcf of natural gas daily.

After Samsung Heavy Industries in Geoje, South Korea constructed the platform hull, it was then transported to Kiewit Offshore Services yard in Ingleside, Texas for the lift and integration of the topside modules. Underwater Services was contracted by Kiewit for several projects while the platform was at the yard. The projects  included in-water inspection of the hull for marine growth, video surveying, valve testing, caviblast cleaning of porches, and positioning of the jack-up rig lasting from March to late September 2014.

Heidelberg Spar

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